The Steering Committee is charged with meeting on a regular basis to guide the creation of several milestone deliverable in the planning process and to process and synthesize the information and input provided by the public . The Steering Committee is a citizen committee appointed by Harrison City Council as a cross section of the community.

Advisory/Executive Committee

The Executive Committee members will provide general guidance to the project, manage the process with the consultant, serve as the project contact for the media and steering committee, provide distribution of materials and facilitate meetings.

  • Bill Neyer-Mayor
  • Hank Menninger-Council Member; Law Committee Chair; Fire/Emergency Chair
  • Cindy Abrams-Council Member; Economic Development Chair
  • Shannon Hamons-Director of Economic Development, Building & Zoning

Steering Committee Members

Meet regularly throughout the process to establish the critical milestones including a vision, discussion of issues, and provide plan recommendations for the various elements of the plan, engage with the public input to incorporate findings into the plan, provide outreach and network communication to engage the public at the Public Events.

  • Bill Acra-Resident
  • Jeff Biddle-Village Pharmacy and School Board
  • Rick Dole-Harrison Twp. Trustee
  • Gary Ellerhorst-Crown Plastics, Chamber President
  • John Enneking-Property Owner
  • Matt Hackworth-Planning Commission
  • Nickole Hampton-Resident
  • Gerilyn Jobe-Coffee Peddler
  • John Kerr-Property Owner
  • Joe Maas-JTM Provisions; Chamber Board
  • Don McGoran-Business Owner
  • Mike Newton-St. John the Baptist Church
  • Russell Montgomery-Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Amy Searcy-Crosby Township and Tree Board
  • Jolene Winter-Business Owner
  • Jason Wittekind-Triumph Energy


Subcommittee Members

Provide technical support and expertise as needed, meet to review and discuss the Plan Framework and recommendations.

  • Greg Bybee-Harrison Twp. Trustee
  • John Sadosky-REDI Cincinnati
  • Barry Strum-HCDC
  • Jack Sutton-Great Parks
  • Ray Acra-Council
  • Ethen Dole-Council
  • Mark Louis-Council
  • Ryan Grubbs-Council
  • Randy Shank-Council
  • Bill Deters-Law Director
  • Jill French-Senior Center Coordinator
  • Rob Hursong-Fire Chief
  • Jim Leslie-Public Works Director
  • Chuck Lindsey-Police Chief
  • Catherin Stockoff-Finance Director
  • Jean Wilson-Recreation Commission Director
  • Carol Wiwi-Department of Records Director


Agendas and Meeting Exercises