The framework review is nearing its final days as the Steering Committee meets tonight to review the comment from the public and make recommendations for the consultant to begin drafting the final version of the plan and accompanying maps.

The public feedback on the draft vision, goals, actions, and recommendations came back being generally supportive of the direction with some additional ideas for specific recommendations,  but a few topics still need some discussion and resolution with a preferred course.   Those topics include:

  • How and where to best provide administrative services and community recreation facilities for the growing city.
  • Balancing preservation of our small-town character with employment and economic development opportunities.

We will be posting the revised Framework as soon as the Steering Committee provides direction.

In the meantime, you can find the analytics for the survey (49 responses) and the raw data and comments received by clicking on the links below.  The data is offered unedited and as we received it.

This is the original workbook with all the language that was reviewed:

Public Review Workbook Draft 10-12-2017

These files are databases of the responses and comments provided in Excel, and comma delineated formats.

Framework Review Workbook (Responses).xls

Framework Review Workbook.csv

This file is a PDF summarizing the analytics and comments from the survey.

Harrison Workbook Data Analytics


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